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Cash For Books

Bring us your textbooks and paperbacks – it doesn’t matter where you bought them or which college or university you attend.

We buy books back at our store every day that we are open!  Come in and sell us your textbooks!

You must bring a valid photo id!

We pay up to 50% of our new price WHEN:

Books in good condition
  1. Books are in good condition.
  2. A faculty member has placed an order for the upcoming semester.
  3. We are not overstocked.

Mary Jane Books buys for other bookstores and used book wholesalers, so bring in your books even if the on-campus store doesn’t want them!

We buy back college textbooks every day of the year, but THE BEST TIME TO SELL YOUR BOOKS BACK IS DURING FINALS.

Mary Jane Books may NOT buy a book from you if:

Books in poor condition

  1. You don’t have photo id (even if you drove for two hours to get here). Id must be a valid drivers’ license or student id.
  2. If the book contains EXCESSIVE highlighting, writing, and/or underlining.
  3. If the book is missing any pages.
  4. If the book is water damaged! Do not spill soda, water, coffee, kool-aid, bong water, beer, or ANY other liquid on your textbook. Do not walk with it in the rain or drop it in the snow. WE WILL NOT TAKE A BOOK WITH EVEN THE SLIGHTEST TRACE OF LIQUID DAMAGE.
  5. If the book has been nibbled or chewed by a dog, squirrel, raccoon, or you.
  6. If your books are stolen. This is why we ID people.
  7. If the book is custom printed, international, a free exam copy, or an instructor edition of a book.
  8. If the book is an old edition or a very old edition.
  9. If you are disrespectful or use profane language with staff members.

Other Conditions:

  1. All books being sold back are considered USED books (even if they are “brand new” in your opinion or have never been opened — they still count as used).
  2. If the book is being used next semester, there is a good chance we will buy if for half the list price.
  3. If the store has bought as many as we need, the price goes down to STANDARD MARKET VALUE.
  4. Standard Market Value is determined by several wholesale companies we ship surplus books to.

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